Robin Pharo

"Robin Pharo, already noticed with Nevermind Quartet, approaches those pieces with seriousness"

Philippe Ramin, Diapason, April 2017

"Robin Pharo’s viola da gamba is a model of nobility and eloquence"

Philippe Venturini, Classica, July 2016

Robin Pharo’s profile by  Alain Cochard on


"Talented young musicians to keep an eye out for in the future"

Rogert Tellart,, May 2013


Ensemble Près de votre oreille

"Près de votre oreille (near your ear), but also and  especially close to your heart"

Marie-Aude Roux, Le Monde, March 2019

"Elizabethan Songs in an Elizabethan Theatre: when the Midsummer festival is making a perfect sense"

Pascal Brunet,, June 2018

"Come Sorrow, the recital proposed by Robin Pharo and Près de votre oreille has all reasons to delight"

Irène Salas,, January 2018

Come Sorrow, critique by Pascal Brunet from the concert at the Midsummer festival, Elizabethan Theatre in Hardelot

2019 June 30th:


Come Sorrow, critique by Irène Salas from the concert at the Grévin theatre, (the concert has been recorded and broadcated by France Musique), 2018 January 22nd:

L’Anonyme Parisien’s critique by


L’Anonyme Parisien’s critique by