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Robin Pharo, started the viola da gamba at 5 with Jean Louis Charbonnier, Caroline Howald, Ariane Maurette and Christophe Coin at the Music and Dance’s National Conservatory of Paris, where he obtained a Master Degree. He is a founder member of the Quartet Nevermind with whom he won the third prize and the special festival prize at the Van Wassenaer competition in Utrecht. Nevermind has been invited to play all over Europe, in Russia, in Iceland and USA and has recorded, Conversations (2016), Quatuors Parisiens (2017) and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (2021) with Alpha Classic Label. He played with the actor Benjamin Lazar in the show L’Autre Monde ou les états et Empires de la lune and has been engaged in numerous early music bands such as Le Poème Harmonique (Vincent Dumestre), La Grande Ecurie et la Chambre du Roy (Jean-Claude Malgoire), l'ensemble Pygmalion (Raphaël Michon), Capriccio Stravagante (Skip Sempé), ensemble Desmarest (Ronan Khalil), ensemble La Rêveuse (Florence Bolton et Benjamin Perrot), ensemble Marguerite-Louise (Gaétan Jarry), La Tempête (Simon-Pierre Bestion de Camboulas), ensemble Maja (Bianca Chillemi), Vox Luminis (Lionel Meunier), ensemble Gilles Binchois (Dominique Vellard), La Capella Mediterranea (Leonardo Garcia Alarcon), ensemble Sagittarius (Michel Laplénie), L'Achéron (François Joubert-Caillet), ensemble Stravaganza (Domitille Gilon & Thomas Soltani) etc.

Robin Pharo recorded for the label Paraty the disc L'Anonyme Parisien, devoted to the virtuosic viola da gamba pieces composed by Charles Dollé. In 2017, he creates the ensemble Près de votre oreille (Near Your Ear). 


He crates with Anaïs Bertrand 4 pieces for mezzo soprano and gamba composed by Fabien Touchard and one pice by Rika Suzuki. He collaborates with the choregrapher Thierry Thieu Niang and composes the music of the show Au Cœur, programmed at the festival d’Avignon, in 2016. In 2018, he will perform in the show Romances Inciertos, created by the dancer François Chaignaud and the stage manager Nino Laisné. He works presently with contemporary composers such as Philippe Hersant (with whom he creates Hypnos and La Harpe de David), Rika Suzuki, Yassen Vodenitcharov and Jean-Marc Chouvel (with whom he creates Les Trois ailes du papillon). He also loves improvising in different styles, and in April 2012, he’s invited to accompany Bobby McFerrin, at the Châtelet Theater, in Paris.

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